Upcoming Elections Need Your Vote & A Little Time

If you want to see change in our government, start by voting in local elections. Vote this November 5 for Democratic candidates running for state, county, and municipal offices.  Your vote matters! But, voting isn’t the only thing you can do to protect our democracy.

In Lancaster County, the only way Democrats will win elections is if they have help from volunteers – like you. Every candidate needs volunteers to assist with a variety of tasks from stuffing envelopes to knocking on doors.

If you are thinking “I’m not political” or “I don’t know enough about politics,” you are wrong. You don’t need to have any experience or know much about politics to help.  You just have to be interested in saving democracy.

The following are some of the Democrats running for office. This post is your invitation to volunteer and help their campaigns. Even if you help with just one campaign for a few hours, you’ll be making a meaningful difference.

To learn more about these candidates and how you can volunteer, visit their website or Facebook page. 

Candidates for Upcoming Election:

Daniel McCaffery for PA Superior Court Judge

Amanda Green-Hawkins for PA Superior Court Judge

Greg Paulson for Court of Common Pleas Judge

Craig Lehman for Lancaster County Commissioner

Hobie Crystle for Lancaster County District Attorney

Dan Phillips for Prothonotary

For more information about upcoming elections, contact the Hempfield Area Democratic Committee, or Jennifer Ericson, Millcreek Precinct Committee Person, at jericson@ezsolution.com   or 717-333-5635.