If you want real change in government, that change must start at the local level. Democrats, like you, are needed to run for office. If we’ve learned anything from recent elections, it’s that voting and volunteering aren’t enough; Democrats need also to run for offices at all levels of government.

In 2019, there are over a dozen local offices for which Democrats like you should run.  Real change can only happen if Democrats are in local offices. HADC will even coordinate your entire campaign from getting your name on the ballot all the way through to election day.

Consider running for the following local positions in the 2019 elections:

East Hempfield

Township supervisor candidates (6-year term)  2 positions

Auditor candidate (6-year term)

West Hempfield

Township supervisor candidates (6-year term) 2 positions

Auditor candidate (6-year term)

Mountville Borough

Borough council candidates (4-year term) 4 positions

East Petersburg Borough

Borough council candidates (4-year term) 4 positions

All Hempfield

School board candidates (4-year term) 5 positions

County Government

County Commissioner (4-year term)

County Treasurer (4-year term)

Coroner (4-year term)

Prothonotary (4-year term)

Register of Wills (4-year term)

Sheriff (4-year term)

District Attorney (4-year term)

If you want to learn more about these positions or are considering running for any of them, please contact Michael Mezzetti or Frank Arcoleo no later than January 2nd, 2019.

Michael Mezzetti     [email protected]   (717)333-8676

Frank Arcoleo     [email protected]       (973)801-3913