Hempfield Primary Votes Matter

With all media attention already focused on the Presidential Election in 2020, it’s too easy to forget that Pennsylvania’s Primary is happening May 21, 2019.

On that date, voters get to nominate candidates for PA Superior Court Judges, County Commissioners, School Board Directors, and Township Supervisors. Winners of the primary will be on the Election Ballot in November.   Your vote in every Primary and General Election makes a difference, now more than ever!

Primary Update for Hempfield Voters 


Those who have been paying attention the past two years recognize the growing power of the courts. True justice reform will only happen when Democrats get elected to the court.

Three Democrats are running for seats on PA Superior Court, and they need your nominating votes. They are: Daniel McCaffery, Amanda Green-Hawkins, and Beth Tarasi. Only McCaffery and Green-Hawkins have been endorsed by the Lancaster County Democratic Committee.

Gregory Paulson is the only Democrat running for Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, which is a 10-year term.  He is a write-in candidate, which means voters will have to write his name on their primary ballots. Make sure to spell his name correctly so the nomination counts. 

County Commissioners:

There are three County Commissioner seats, lasting four years.  According to County Code, voters may only vote for two candidates even though three seats are open.  The three candidates who garner the most votes get the seats, so long as two of the seats are held by the majority party and the third by the minority party.

This election, only one Democrat, Craig Lehman, is running.  Support his nomination with a vote.

Other County Positions:

This primary also determines who will be on the ballot for Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas, Coroner, District Attorney, Prothonotary, Register of Wills, Sherriff, and Treasurer. Of those seven positions, only two Democrats are even running.

Hobie Crystle is running for District Attorney, and Dan Phillips is running for Prothonotary.  Please support them with nominating votes.

Hempfield School Board of Directors:

School Board Director is an elected position that allows candidates to cross-file as both a republican and democrat. All five of the candidates running for the five open seats are actually registered republicans and have all been endorsed by the Republican Party. None of these candidates is a registered Democrat, and none has been endorsed by the Democratic Party.

No Democrats are running for Hempfield School Board position, this is a missed opportunity for Democrats.

Be aware, that voting straight Democratic ticket will vote cross-filed republicans into office.

It is important to note that this group of school board candidates is all white and male, hardly a reflection of Hempfield School District’s actual demographics.


East Petersburg Borough Council has four open seats. Seven candidates are running in the primary for nomination. Of those, four are Democrats: Debra Miller, John Herr, Sandra Valdez, and Lauren Houck.  Please support them with primary nominating votes.

Mountville Borough Council has four open seats, but not a single Democrat is running.


East Hempfield Township has two open supervisor seats, but no Democrats are running.

West Hempfield Township has two open supervisor seats, but no Democrats are running.


Both East and West Hempfield each have an opening for an auditor, but no Democrats are running.

Tax Collector:

East and West Hempfield Townships, East Petersburg Borough, and Mountville Borough each have openings for one tax collector. No one from either party is running for that position in any of those municipalities, except East Petersburg Borough, where a republican is running.

* * *

Primaries matter because they determine who will be on the ballot in November.  Seats for which no Democrats run are lost opportunities for all Democrats.

If you are frustrated with the state of politics and want to see change at any level, start by voting in the PA Primary, May, 21, 2019. To find your polling place, visit https://www.hempfielddemocrats.org/polling-places/.

If you are frustrated that not enough Democrats are running for elected office, consider running yourself or at least connect with the Hempfield Area Democratic Committee, www.hempfielddemocrats.org, to learn what more can be done.

See you at the polls! Your vote matters!

Jennifer Ericson, Millcreek Precinct Committee Person