HADC Opposes School District’s Transgender Ban

On Tuesday, July 12, the Hempfield School District’s board approved a policy that discriminates against transgender athletes. According to Policy 123, transgender athletes within the district may now only play on the team of their gender at birth. With this decision, the school board evidences a dangerous disregard for the welfare of transgender students.

By adopting this policy, the school board is violating Title IX, which protects athletes from discrimination based on sex. This violation could cost the school district much-needed federal funds and lead to lawsuits. Nevertheless, the all-Republican board passed the policy with a 6-2 vote.

From the first hint that the school district’s board was considering such a policy, HADC members and Democratic school board candidates spoke out loudly in support of transgender athletes and urged the board not to approve Policy 123. 

HADC will continue to speak out against this policy. You can, too!

  • Contact members of the school board, telling them how you feel about their decision to discriminate.

Grant Keener, Board President  [email protected]   217-840-9059
Pat Wagner, Vice President  [email protected]  443-799-0759
Dylan Bard  [email protected]   717-572-0761
Mike Donato*  [email protected]   H: 717-898-3413   C: 717-471-3760
Richard Garber  [email protected]
Linda Johnston  [email protected]  717-327-3680
Jim Maurer*  [email protected]  717-468-9455
Charles Merris  [email protected]  717-892-1227
Justin Wolgemuth  [email protected]  717-413-3916

*Mike Donato and Jim Maurer opposed this discriminatory policy.    

  • Attend Hempfield School District board meetings.
  • Consider running as a Democratic candidate for the school board.
  • Vote for Democratic school board candidates.
  • Visit HADC’s website for a list of LGBTQ+ support organizations.
  • Support HADC.