Local Dems Receive More Endorsements

Many wonderful Democratic candidates are running for office November 7, who’ve been endorsed by HADC and the Lancaster County Democratic Committee. Now, our Hempfield Schoolboard and East Hempfield Township candidates have received additional endorsements.

Schoolboard Endorsements:

Both the Pennsylvania State Education Association’s Political Action Committee for Education and the Hempfield Education Association (Hempfield’s teachers’ union) are recommending all five Democratic school board candidates, Kaleb Best, Megan Eshleman, Judy Brady, Peter Langseth, and Erin Small.

Run for Something, an organization that supports young candidates running for office for the first time, has also endorsed Kaleb Best.

East Hempfield Endorsements:

3.14 Action, an organization supporting scientists who rely on facts to run for office, has endorsed both Robert Johnson, Democratic candidate for E. Hempfield Supervisor, and Melissa Sasso, Democratic candidate for E. Hempfield Auditor.

Election Information:

This election is one of the most important non-Presidential elections of our time. Please vote for all the Democratic candidates on the ballot November 7.

To learn more about them, visit

Important Dates:

October 23 is the last day to register to vote.

October 31 is the last day to request a mail-in or absentee ballot. (Please make sure all the college students you know have done this.)

To register or request a mail-in/absentee ballot, visit

Democrats Rock! Raised Funds & Awareness

Last Saturday night, nearly 50 people attended and enjoyed great music from Greg Naylor and the band Oscar’s Box.  Attendees also enjoyed meeting Bob Hollister, Democratic Candidate for Congress.

The event raised just over $1800. These funds will support our work registering voters, increasing voter awareness and turnout, and helping Democratic candidates.

Special thanks to Boltz Auction House for the use of their facility and to the musicians for donating their time and talent to this wonderful, fun event!

If you attended or made a donation to this fundraiser, we thank you! If you couldn’t attend but still want to make a donation, visit

HADC Opposes School District’s Transgender Ban

On Tuesday, July 12, the Hempfield School District’s board approved a policy that discriminates against transgender athletes. According to Policy 123, transgender athletes within the district may now only play on the team of their gender at birth. With this decision, the school board evidences a dangerous disregard for the welfare of transgender students.

By adopting this policy, the school board is violating Title IX, which protects athletes from discrimination based on sex. This violation could cost the school district much-needed federal funds and lead to lawsuits. Nevertheless, the all-Republican board passed the policy with a 6-2 vote.

From the first hint that the school district’s board was considering such a policy, HADC members and Democratic school board candidates spoke out loudly in support of transgender athletes and urged the board not to approve Policy 123. 

HADC will continue to speak out against this policy. You can, too!

  • Contact members of the school board, telling them how you feel about their decision to discriminate.

Grant Keener, Board President  [email protected]   217-840-9059
Pat Wagner, Vice President  [email protected]  443-799-0759
Dylan Bard  [email protected]   717-572-0761
Mike Donato*  [email protected]   H: 717-898-3413   C: 717-471-3760
Richard Garber  [email protected]
Linda Johnston  [email protected]  717-327-3680
Jim Maurer*  [email protected]  717-468-9455
Charles Merris  [email protected]  717-892-1227
Justin Wolgemuth  [email protected]  717-413-3916

*Mike Donato and Jim Maurer opposed this discriminatory policy.    

  • Attend Hempfield School District board meetings.
  • Consider running as a Democratic candidate for the school board.
  • Vote for Democratic school board candidates.
  • Visit HADC’s website for a list of LGBTQ+ support organizations.
  • Support HADC.

Happy New Year!

If getting more politically active is one of your New Year’s resolutions, we’ve got a few suggestions for you:

  1. Start off the New Year by writing to the Pennsylvania’s Redistricting Commission, asking for the new legislative district maps to be fair and no longer gerrymandered to favor Republicans.
  2. Volunteer as a Democratic Committee Person.
  3. Attend a meeting of the Hempfield Area Democratic Committee to learn how to get Democrats elected. For dates and zoom links, email [email protected].

The last few years have been extremely difficult for us all. With mid-term elections on the horizon, there is a lot of work to be done this year.

It might surprise you to know that not every Democrat votes in every election. If Democrats are going to win, every Democrat needs to vote. The best way to motivate Democrats to vote is for volunteers to take action, making calls, sending postcards, knocking on doors, and more. There’s so much to do and not enough volunteers to do it. Please consider volunteering this year. Your efforts will make a crucial difference!  To learn more, visit HADC’s website

Golfers Played to Support Democrats

Jack Robinson, Mike Woeppel watch Ginger Robinson putt.

HADC raised just over $3,500 during its Annual Golf Tournament Saturday, June 19 at Four Seasons Golf Course. It was HADC’s most successful and well-attended tournament with 68 players and seven hole sponsors.

Though a local event, golfers from other counties and states came to play in support of HADC. “We believe in the Hempfield Area Democrats,” said Lou Baker of Maryland. Four members of Sisters in the Fairway golfing group from York County, who made national headlines in 2018 for standing up to harassment for “golfing while black,” were HADC’s special guests at the Tournament.

Sandra Thompson, a Sister in the Fairway, tees off.

Sponsors helped make this event so successful. HADC is grateful to these sponsoring businesses and individuals: Boltz Auction Company, Martin Dees, EZMarketing, Raj Kittappa, Craig Lehman, Judy Pehrson, David Polin, and Veleska Jewelers.

Mike Mitchell, David Royal, Ron Martin, & Rene Boyer came in first place.

Martin Dees, Millcreek Precinct Committee Person, founded this event many years ago and has been spearheading it ever since. This year, a dozen volunteers helped to run the event that had been planned by Dees and HADC’s fundraising committee, co-chaired by John Herr and Judy Pehrson.

Martin Dees measures how close Ron Martin’s ball is to the pin in the putting contest.

The funds raised from this event will be used to support HADC’s work engaging Democratic voters, supporting local candidates’ campaigns, offering college scholarships, and more.

HADC is already starting to plan next year’s Golf Tournament. Those interested in playing, sponsoring, or volunteering should contact [email protected]